Recent Projects

2018 is here, have a look at some of the recent projects we’ve been doing..

Bali Hut with Bamboo Screening in Gymea, NSW.

Oval African Rethatch.

Poolside Colorbond Hut in One Mile, Port Stephens.

Check out the beautiful interior of this Traditional Bali Hut we re-thatched in Colyton, NSW.

Bali Hut rethatch with Slanted Batu Timber Privacy Screen in Castle Hill, NSW

Traditional Bali Hut Rethatch in East Hills, NSW

NEW PRODUCT – Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Huts in Bulli and Castle Hill, NSW

Long lasting, zero maintenance and easy to install, these asphalt shingles add a handsome look to a hut with their dark grey and neat appearance. Easy-thatch can be installed underneath for insulation, and we can even put the Bali terracotta pieces on the ridge line. Check it out!

Bali Hut with Bamboo Privacy Screening

At a fraction of the cost of a timber privacy screen we built this one with bamboo screening and stained it with timber stain. Looks just as good! Twin Hills, NSW.

Western Red Cedar Hut in Menai, NSW

Western Red Cedar Shingle Huts continue to be popular because they look just stunning inside and out with their warm colours and neat stacked look. Here’s one we just finished in Menai, NSW.

Synthetic Slate Re-roof in Woolooware NSW

Synthetic Slate Tiles have taken off this year, here’s a great result in re-roofing for this A-Frame hut with old timber shingles in Woolooware, NSW. Synthetic Slate is cheaper than real slate and needs no maintenance, has a long life span and is manufactured to withstand Australia’s hot climate.

NEW PRODUCT! Asphalt Shingle Hut in Bulli NSW

A previous customer we built a Bali Hut for contacted us for a new look roof and we think a beautiful result was achieved with these Asphalt tiles.

Poolside Rectangular Bali Hut in Coledale NSW

With trimmed edges and decking

Western Red Cedar Hut with Merbau Hardwood Decking and Railings in Engadine NSW
This large deck was custom designed to fit around the existing sandstone rocks in the yard and boasts some exquisite joinery and uplighting

African Hut Re-thatch in Peakhurst NSW

Bali Hut Re-thatch with trimmed edges in Taren Point NSW

Synthetic Slate Roof in Greenwich, NSW

This traditional bali hut frame needed a new roof and the owner wanted something a little different, low maintenance and long lasting. So we suggested our new product Synthetic Slate Roofing Tiles! Looking like the real thing but far lighter, durable and so easy to install, these synthetic slate tiles have produced a stunning result. Waterproof, low maintenance and extremely durable for Australia’s hot climate, these tiles also look very handsome and offer an alternative to your thatch grass or shingle tiles. Traditional balinese terracotta dress pieces can also be attached if desired.

Long (7.5 x 2.4m) Bali Hut in Bella Vista, NSW

When Gazebo Style went out to quote this job it was obvious that what these customers needed was a shelter that would minimise that blaring hot sun. It was in mid January and the heat and glare coming off the travertine tiles was intense! The area faced a northerly position surrounded by a right-angled double brick wall, so it was a furnace by the pool at midday. After consulting with our new customers we decided that what was needed was a long rectangular Bali Hut to take up the whole length of the travertine pavers, about 7.5m x 2.4m.

The structure was built in DIY Kit form at our factory and transported to site for installation. It was paramount that the framework go up as soon as possible so we could start thatching, and provide a cool shady place to work in! This project took 3 days to assemble and cut thatch on site, hose and rake the thatch and finish of the ridge line with authentic imported terracotta dress tiles from Bali.

Rectangle Bali Hut with Deck in Tapitalee, NSW

It is always a great pleasure to travel outside of the Sydney metro area, and here in the local area of Nowra Gazebo Style installs a 3m x 4m frame size Bali Hut with a Merbau deck. We always build our decks with piers, bearers and joists, NOT a floor with only joist and beam and sole plates that essentially acts like a trampoline. The biggest danger here are the abundance of funnel web spiders, which took us by surprise. The first thing to do is layer out the decking beams and pull it square, then start digging the Bali hut post holes. Once the post holes are dug and the posts are cemented into position it is a great time for morning tea break!

African Oval Hut Re-thatching

This African Cape Reed tile was past its day and needed to be re-thatched with fresh African Cape Reed tiles. A fairly simple process of re-using the metal frame already in place by unhooking the old tiles and replacing with the new. All in a day’s work! The result is a practically new, refreshed looking hut all the family can enjoy once again. Contact us for your new African Cape Reed tiles and install them yourself. They can also easily be fixed to existing timber framework. or if you prefer to let Gazebo Style to install you new African tiles drop and email or call on 0466 674 186, as always these African gazebos are built in DIY Kit form, making it easy for the handy man to build with a few simple tools.

“Headland” Red Colorbond Hut with Koda Roof

This stunning colorbond hut was recently completed in Coledale NSW, part of the beautiful Sydney southern beaches. These Colorbond gazebos always start their life in DIY kit form, pre made from our factory, then transported to site for installation, making the install job fast clean and easy, the DIY Kit has a treated pine timber framework (stained in a high quality Merbau colour) with a koda roof to let out the heat in summer. The koda roofs can also be clad in clear or opaque corrugated roof sheets to admit more light. The size is 3 x 5 metres with optional gutters. A beautiful family area by the pool was created in time for Christmas replacing a dilapidated rusty metal frame lean to gazebo that housed an outside toilet, this new gazebo takes advantage of the beautiful view looking over the in ground pool towards two large Bali Huts. Have a look at the stages of construction.

Display Bali Hut at Blue Haven Pools Albion Park NSW

A new display area for Bali Huts and Gazebos in Blue Haven pools at Albion Park NSW! A simple 2.5 x 2.5M free standing Bali Hut was built, which provides some much needed shade, as customers ponder on their decisions, which pool should we buy?. Watch out for more displays there coming soon! Come see it and grab a brochure with all our products.

Easythatch Colorbond Hut with Modern Australian Twist

This great looking Colorbond Hut in Sydney’s Kareela has a couple of differences from the simple hut. We used Easythatch underneath the colorbond to provide insulation against the heat, spacing the easy thatch at 80mm kept a nice clean thatch lines, It also gives the look of a Bali hut from underneath, without the messy grassy look outside. the timber frame work is stained in the ever popular Merbau stain(premium stain, never use the cheap brands they spoil the look ) colorbond corrugated roofing choice of colour Deep Ocean, a perfect choice as this gazebo resides next to a beautiful in ground pool, as for the decking boards the choice for high grade spotted gum, it is a great pick as the colours change from dark oak to light yellows, adding the the complex style of this great Aussie gazebo, The customer also had us place this stunning timber slab as a bar/handrail, giving the whole a modern Australian feel. We can do this for you too!

African Re-thatch project

This tired old African Hut in Sydney’s Malabar got a new lease on life with a straightforward re-thatching with African Cape Reed Tiles. After removing the old thatch it was a simple matter of replacing the old with the new, as the metal frame was still in place. The biggest surprise for this rethatch was that it was thatched in the old style of African cape reed, the old reeds were 900mm long and came as loose sheets that were simply tie wired to a metal frame, so the trip to the tip took 2 ute loads and 2 very large trailer loads. then it was a simple job of attaching the new style of African cape reed (tile 800mm x 35mm x 450mm) to the existing 8mm round metal rods,did you know? you can also change your old Bali Thatch or western red cedar tiles to the neat-looking African Cape Reed Tiles for a different look. Call us to discuss the options!